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Many have asked why our company is named "Autobahn" Driving School. No, we are not located in Germany and there is no Mr. & Mrs. Autobahn. No, we do not drive fast.

Our company is named "Autobahn" Driving School because the owners have lived and had driven in Germany and is associated with driving. The school opened in 1999 a name was needed that was easy to remember, spell, pronounce and also meant something. The rest is history.

Autobahn Driving School is a National Safety Council Public Training Agency/Center for the Defensive Driver Course.

Autobahn Driving School has been in business since August 1999.


Listed are combined experiences of all employed instructors

  • Over 50 total driving instructor years
    (Does not include non-instructor driving years)
  • State of California Licensed Driving Instructors
  • Former Driving Safety Instructor (Contractor)
  • Former US Army Master Driver
  • Former US Army Aviator AH1-F FWS operator/instructor
  • Former National Safety Council Certified DDC Instructor
Our instructors attend DMV approved professional development seminars to keep current with new laws and teaching methods.
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