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There are 2 keys to success in life, one drive and two education. You have got to have drive and you can never learn enough. Speaking of keys, drive, and education. Do you have a license to go where you want to go on life? Need one?


Safety is the number one priority.

AutoBahn Driving School's Mission is to build a safe and solid foundation of safe driving principles that produce knowledgeable, defensive, responsible, and collision-free drivers.



About Us

Many have asked why our company is named "Autobahn" Driving School. No, we are not located in Germany and there is no Mr. & Mrs. Autobahn. No, we do not drive fast.

Our company is named "Autobahn" Driving School because the owners have lived and had driven in Germany and is associated with driving. The school opened in 1999 a name was needed that was easy to remember, spell, pronounce and also meant something. The rest is history. Read More

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